Arabella: Save the Animals Foundation

Meet Arabella, a 3-year-old Australian kelpie mix available for adoption with Save the Animals Foundation. Her estimated birth date is in 2017.
Good things can come out of something even as horrible as the coronavirus. Just ask any of our lucky shelter dogs who are being temporarily fostered in the homes of our huge-hearted volunteers. Miss Arabella, for one, is keeping very busy and loving life.
Here’s what her foster mom has to say:
“She is one smart cookie!! Fully housebroken and so far not any signs of destructiveness. When we walk, she is alert to everything that moves (lizards, squirrels) and likes to bird watch. Very strong on leash, but listens when told to go easy. She sits (with wiggles) while I harness her and can give paw if asked. Jumps in your lap and lavishes you with kisses. Loves her Kong toy and a nylabone. Also likes to pick up sticks in the yard and bite them into pieces. She needs exercise as she is very high energy. Would do well with a large fenced yard to play in.”
This sweet girl originally came to STAF after being passed around from home-to-home. Arabella weighs around 50 pounds, with an estimated birthdate of November 2017. She loves attention and is an indiscriminate kisser…even the vet gets kisses!
Arabella can jump a 4-foot fence and will bolt through an open door, so her home-to-be will need to be diligent. We are currently only accepting applicants with securely fenced yards (sorry, no invisible fences) for Arabella. She will be her best and happiest self as an only-child with an experienced dog family.
If you are interested in more information about Arabella or feel she is a good fit for your household, email STAF at adoptadog@staf.org.

If you are an area rescue and have adoptable pets in need of some extra attention, please send us an email with bio info and pictures. If your adoptable pet needs pictures, we can arrange to take some. You can send an email to rescue [at] cincypet.com.

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