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Meet Charles & Michael, 3-year-old domestic short hair mixes available for adoption with Save the Animals Foundation. Their estimated birth dates are in 2017.
If you are looking for super loving, high-functioning special needs cats, look no further than Charles and Michael. While it would be a dream to find them a home together, we realize that may not be possible and feel they would thrive individually, as well. These wonderful cats are each treasures in their own right! 
A rural county shelter put out a call for help with cats in dire need of TLC. After learning that these boys were both suffering from eye issues, STAF took them in so we could get them the relief they deserved for their long lives ahead! An eye specialist we consulted indicated that these cats have the same problem: entropion or eyelid agenesis. In layman’s terms, the eyelids did not form properly while the boys were in utero. The result is that a portion of the eyelid is missing, causing chronic irritation of the cornea; the hairs growing near the eye irritate the cornea and create scarring. In addition, Charles has persistent pupillary membranes. There is a membrane that forms while the kittens are in the womb; it normally atrophies in newborns, but it didn’t do that with Charles. We followed up with the surgeries they required, and they are feeling so much better already; happy guys despite all they have been through, they have truly become the favorites of so many volunteers.
These cats would make amazing companions. Incredibly, Charles has been consistently upbeat since day one and enjoys being held and snuggled; and Michael loves nothing better than a cuddle in your lap. We are still learning about their capabilities post-surgery. Michael, though less intrepid, will meet us eagerly at the door to his room and Charles is more confident. Although they will never have perfect vision, they can surely see that they are adored beyond love. They can truly see what bright futures they have!
All cat adoptions at STAF are by appointment only. Cat adoptions are within 150-mile radius of the shelter (4011 Red Bank Road Cincinnati, OH 45227), which includes Dayton, Columbus, Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Adoption fee for cats is $40 and includes spay/neuter, microchip, and carrier. Please note, you must be 21 years of age or older to adopt a cat from STAF. If you are interested in more information about Charles and Michael or would like to give these two a home, please fill out the adoption application on their website and email it to jean@staf.org.

If you are an area rescue and have adoptable pets in need of some extra attention, please send us an email with bio info and pictures. If your adoptable pet needs pictures, we can arrange to take some. You can send an email to rescue [at] cincypet.com.

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