Ginger Bee: Save the Animals Foundation

Meet Ginger Bee, a 1-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix whose estimated birth date is 2019. She’s available for adoption with Save the Animals Foundation.
This wrinkly faced pittie mix was found tied up in an abandoned home, underweight, and flea-ridden. Currently recovering from spay surgery in the home of one a STAF volunteer, Ginger is so grateful for regular meals, a warm bed and—most of all—the company of humans, which she so adores.
A well-rounded girl, Ginger’s perfect date would include chasing a ball for 20 minutes, snuggling for 10 minutes, and repeating. Just one-year old and a highly-snugglable 36 pounds, Ginger Bee is an enthusiastic lap dog and loves to watch football. She also has a wild side and will play hard with another dog. She loves new people, but needs to work on *not* jumping up to greet them. She is crate-trained, a bit of a puller on leash, and very interested in squirrels! Still very much in the puppy phase, full of zoomies and energy, Ginger will do best with a fenced yard and a family committed to training. 
If you are interested in more information about Ginger or in adopting her, email STAF at adoptadog@staf.org.

If you are an area rescue and have adoptable pets in need of some extra attention, please send us an email with bio info and pictures. If your adoptable pet needs pictures, we can arrange to take some. You can send an email to rescue [at] cincypet.com.

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