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Healing Touch for Animals

Did you know your pets have the same energy system as you?

Yes, that’s right, all animals have the seven main chakras—just like humans!

When the energy is compromised, disease develops and there is a limited ability to heal properly.  Balanced energy relaxes the muscles, releases toxins, increases endorphins and circulation. This allows the oxygen to increase in order to build enzymes that absorb nutrients to regulate hormones that provides healthy cell growth to promote optical healing.

This technique is beneficial for pre-surgery and post-surgery to increase the ability to heal. Not only do hospitals offer this service but the SPCA Cincinnati does too through volunteers like myself. While practicing for my certification, I volunteered my sessions at the SPCA and was able to see the difference I’m making with the animals on a bi-weekly basis. 

My first remarkable experience at the SPCA occurred when I was helping a pit bull with a fractured pelvis. Now, let me say, I wasn’t used to being around pitties and especially ones in a kennel that were barking and showing their teeth! 

Luckily, the veterinary nurse convinced me he was harmless and a sweetheart. So, I took a few minutes to ground myself to eliminate my fear and when I approached his kennel, the dog was barking loudly and he was showing signs of not being able to sit down comfortably. I unlocked his kennel, and slowly sat down next to him on the cement floor. To my surprise, he stopped barking and was watching me with an excited look in his eyes!

This is a great sign that he didn’t sense my fear, so I started his Healing Touch session. After about 5 minutes, I was reaching for his hips when he came close to my face and he slowly laid in my lap! This was a delightful surprise until his entire body started to shake uncontrollably!

I immediately gave him a huge hug. I realized he was just as scared of me as I was of him!!! 

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You see, dogs have an energy span 10 times greater than human’s energy so I was the visitor. My guess was that he could sense my positive energy. This allowed him to feel safe enough to let his fear show. It felt as if he had been holding his breath and was finally able to gasp for air. 

I used accelerated Healing Touch by initiating my Chi Energy and I put my hands on both of his hips. I comforted him with a gentle voice by saying ‘it’s ok, sweetie’. Once I started Healing Touch he gradually stopped shaking and was completely relaxed.

At the end of the session, he looked into my eyes and we had a moment where he allowed me to see inside his soul! 

I could see all his vulnerabilities, but mostly his huge heart that was filled with unconditional love without boundaries. Then without taking his eyes off of me he licked my entire arm and face with gratitude and love! Of course, this made me giggle! All those wet kisses! By this time, he was able to sit comfortably and even lay on his belly. I reluctantly said goodbye and slowly walked away.

Not only did his heart chakra open wide so that it allowed his love to shine, but my heart chakra opened too! We were two souls speaking the same language of love.

Of course, I couldn’t stop thinking about him so I continued to provide Healing Touch long distance over the weekend each night before I went to bed. I made a special trip to the SPCA to see him on Monday, although he wasn’t in his kennel when I arrived.

I was surprised to learn he was chosen to go to a foster home! My heart sang, because that’s when I knew I made a difference.

As a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner, I’ve witnessed a dog’s non-cancerous mass shrink overnight, abused dogs bond again with humans, huge horses relax so much that they were ‘putty in my hands’ and cats that went from hissing to purring, as well as a dog who went from a high level of aggression to being totally relaxed—all with this energy work.

These techniques can be used on any animal, near or far, in a kennel, cage or under water. Also, these techniques can be used for injury, illness, releasing emotional trauma, competitions, behaviors, or end of life transition.  

I hope you consider this holistic option along with veterinary care for your pet. There are very limited practitioners in the US who specialize in this energy work for animals as most offer services only for humans. Luckily, for CincyPet readers, I’m based here in Cincinnati. 

Maureen Hollmeyer is a Healing Touch for Animals Certified Practitioner located in Cincinnati, OH. In addition to her Healing Touch work, she provides spiritual counseling, and sells her Angel jewelry at Native Moon Apothecary. Maureen is also a published author and Licensed Social Worker experienced in working with abused and neglected children. Her website is: www.transitional-guidance.com.

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