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SPCA Cincinnati Ground Braking

Recently, the SPCA Cincinnati announced a $1.6 million K9 Expansion Project designed to meet the changing needs of our community and to provide a second chance for abused, neglected, and abandoned animals. The SPCA is committed to rehoming 100 percent of all adoptable pets. To continue meeting this goal, they need your help to improve and expand the facilities at their Sharonville location.

SPCA Cincinnati Breaks Ground on their K9 Expansion Project

Improvements will include:

  • Expanded kennel capacity. We’re adding 50 percent more kennels to house additional dogs and to provide more individual space for dogs per kennel, giving these dogs the comfort they deserve.
  • More Meet-N-Greet areas. This will allow for more one-on-one time for potential fosters and adoptions and outdoor playtime for each dog. This also helps to fulfill the SPCA Cincinnati dog-walker’s motto: “Every Dog, Every Day.”
  • A volunteer services department. This will help effectively manage the 350+ volunteers and give them a workspace for special projects, and also serve as a safe place for volunteers to store personal property while volunteering with our pets.
  • A behavioral department. This is where we can train dogs with behavioral challenges to reduce their risk of euthanasia. All dogs deserve a second chance and we’re partnering with the next generation of behaviorists at local universities to make this happen.

Key Points to Ponder

  • The current facility in Sharonville, Ohio, was built with an expected expansion for the canine center.
  • The usable build-out area is approximately 8,500 square feet.
  • The current Meet-N-Greet/exercise yard is insufficient for independent family use and is exposed to weather and elements. The new Meet-N-Greet is located under a shelter with segmented enclosed areas. Added bonus: it also doubles as additional areas for behavioral training.
  • The new kennel space is designed to reduce noise, reduce odor, be more sterile, and help canine containment.
  • It surpasses the industry standards for HVAC, air circulation, air sterilization, and cleaning.
  • SPCA Cincinnati volunteerism has increased and has grown out of their offices.
  • The dog behaviorist needs increased space for proper training and for the increased volume of dogs which will need to go through the training. The increase in well-trained dogs ready for adoptions means more lives saved!

The SPCA has the plans and are ready to make a lasting impact on our community, but they need your help. Please consider donating to the SPCA expansion project. The money that you donate will DIRECTLY improve the lives of all the adoptable pets in their care. The SPCA will ensure that your gift will make lives better, shorten the time animals stay in SPCA shelters, and find more furever homes.

For more information, contact Jake White, president and CEO, and donate today at spcacincinnati.org.

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