Helping Pets and People Reduce Pain and Anxiety with Tulip Tree CBD

Jeri Schulz MSN, RN, founder and CEO of Tulip Tree CBD is a registered nurse with decades of experience in patient care and clinical administration. Schulz is a lifelong pet lover and when she was younger aspired to be a vet.

Schulz has clinical expertise managing cardiovascular services, intensive care units, Chicago area inpatient hospice providers and critical care and telemetry units. She also served on the nursing faculty of several Chicago-area colleges and universities where she inspired student nurses with her love of nursing and with the strong work ethic that has served her throughout her career. She is a registered nurse in Ohio and Illinois and a member of the American Nurses Association, the Ohio Nurses Association, American Cannabis Nurses Association, Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and the National Nurses in Business Association. Schulz earned a Master of Science in nursing, a Bachelor of Science in nursing, and a Bachelor of Arts in business administration. Her passion for learning continues with her
advanced study of cannabis and plant-based medicine.

She started Tulip Tree CBD in 2018 after the stress of her job began having a noticeable effect on her physical and mental health. Schulz said, “Determined to be healthier in mind and body I needed to change my path. I have always believed in the medicinal value of cannabis and the conversation in mainstream America was shifting as well. Researching the cannabis market, I became encouraged by the way CBD alleviated my own symptoms and was convinced of its healing potential as a natural alternative for pain. However, I also found disturbing discrepancies in quality, unbelievable claims of healing, dosing confusion, hard-to-use products, and questionable customer service.”

Tulip Tree CBD carries only premium broad-spectrum CBD products at prices people can afford. Their products are tested independently to show potency, and pollutant free results that are listed right next to the product information on their website. According to Schulz,“Transparency is part of our mission to bring the highest quality products and the best prices. We also take great pleasure in helping people find the right products and dosing to help them and their Fur Babies achieve the most benefit.”

Tulip Tree CBD offers organically grown, thoughtfully processed, and mindfully packaged broad-spectrum CBD products. Schulz has been instrumental in her formulations and offers products for pets and humans. At Tulip Tree CBD you can purchase tinctures, soft gels with different formulations, gummies, vet formulated dog chews (a Fur Baby favorite) and pet tinctures that can be used for all animals.

CBD is beneficial to pets because it’s a natural alternative to ease chronic pain from inflammation and arthritis as well as supporting calm and relaxation in pets with anxiety. All mammals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is responsible to regulate homeostasis (balance). It is a series of receptors that function as a subtle sensing system to monitor and equalize a body’s function. CBD is a cannabinoid that helps support the
ECS. Cannabinoids impact: Sleep, appetite, digestion, hunger, mood, motor control, immune function, pleasure, pain, inflammation, memory, neuro function and more.

While admittedly a dog person, Schulz has owned cats in the past. At one point in her childhood she owned guinea pigs, turtles, hermit crabs, and an alligator (a pet she now regrets). Her current dog is Chili, a 3 year old German Shepherd rescue that helps keep Schulz’s life balanced (along with CBD, of course). Chili makes sure that Schulz doesn’t spend too much time in front of her computer by keeping active with playtime. Chili
is Schulz’s shadow and travels with her everywhere. You can follow Chili on Instagram @Chiligsd.

You can purchase Tulip Tree CBD products online, as well as local retailers such as Earthwise Pet in Liberty Township, Ell Farms in West Chester, and Sanctuary Derma Spa in Montgomery.

Schulz also likes to give back by supporting local animal shelters—she recently made a donation of CBDdog chews to help with Fourth of July fireworks anxiety. She also supports events such as My Furry Valentine, as well as United Pet Fund, which is one of the local organizations that she is passionate about and supports year round.

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