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10 Pro Organization Tips for Pet Parents

Tips from a Professional Organizer

Our family recently adopted a sweet puppy, who we named Josie, from the Stray Animal Adoption Program.  As a professional organizer, I couldn’t wait to organize all the supplies we would need to make the transition as smooth as possible.  These tips and solutions can be used for any pet parent, whether your best friend is a feline or canine.

  1. Designate one area or cabinet in your home to keep pet supplies in one place.  
  2. Place a basket for toys in each room your pet likes to play, so that they aren’t scattered about, making your space look cluttered.
  3. If you have a larger pet, consider keeping their food in a sealed bin with wheels to make it easy to maneuver.  Places to store this could be a walk-in pantry or laundry room.
  4. Use a baby gate to designate pet free areas and pet play zones, keeping your pets secure, out of harm and out of trouble.  Not that they’d do anything wrong while you’re away, right????
  5. Create a dog walking station by your door, complete with a hook for the leash, and a compartment for treats, bags and a toy.  This will save time hunting down everything you need each time your buddy is ready to exert some energy.
  6. Store your pet grooming supplies, such as brushes, shampoo and clippers in a caddy.  That way you have everything you need when the weather is nice and you can head outside for a bath or to groom your pet.
  7. When our loveable, furry friends come back from exploring the world outside, sometimes those paws are wet and dirty.  To prevent muddy paw prints from tracking all over your house, keep a basket with “pet only” towels by the door, so you can quickly grab one and clean them off as they enter.  
  8. Travel gear, such as carriers, harnesses and blankets can be stored in the garage or in a bin with a lid, so that they keep dust and dirt off.  
  9. Pet medicines can be stored with pet supplies or with regular family medicine.  Just make sure it is convenient, easy to find and labeled.
  10. Vet records can be filed in a labeled 3 ring binder or poly envelope.  Place with other important files, so you can easily find when needed.

Ashley Hinzman is a professional organizer and owner of The Life Less Cluttered in Northern KY. She works collaboratively with individuals and families to minimize clutter, simplify and find organizational solutions for their home or office. You can find more information and tips on her website, or on Facebook/Instagram @thelifelesscluttered.

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