Dog Licenses: Keeping your Pets Legal

Ohio law requires that all dogs aged three months or older be licensed in their county of residence each year by January 31. For new dogs or if you’ve just moved, you’re required to license your dog within 30 days. 

Currently, you can purchase a 1- year, 3-year, or permanent license. Each county sets their own fees so there are varying fees between the different counties. Whatever the fee, however, if you don’t get your dog’s license on or before January 31, state law requires the fee to double* for each type of license.

Fees for local Ohio counties

1 Year3 YearPermanent1 Year Late*
Hamilton County$19$57$190$38
Butler County$14$42$140$28
Brown County$14$42$140$28
Clermont County$16$48$160$32
Warren County$15$45$150$30
*State law requires the fee to double for each type of license.

In most cases you can purchase licenses online (with some additional fees) or in person at the county auditor’s office or from an authorized agent. You can find dog license applications and a list of authorized agents on each county’s website.

Dog licensing requirements in Kentucky

Since 2004 Kentucky state law does not require that a dog be licensed; however, the different counties and even cities each have their own laws regarding dog licensing.

Boone County requires that dogs over four months of age be licensed, The license is good from February 1 to January 31. You can purchase a license online, by mail, or in person at the animal shelter. Fees in Boone County are $15 for dogs that aren’t spayed or neutered and $9 if your dog is. Senior citizens 65 and older get a price break with a license fee of $5.

In Kenton County both dogs and cats are required to be licensed (unless they are community cats.) The license period is February 1 through January 31. So, renewals for pet licenses will be coming up next month, as in Boone County. Fees for dogs and cats are the same in Kenton County with unaltered animals being $20 and altered animals being $10. If your pet is both altered and microchipped, your fee is only $5. You can purchase a license in person at Kenton County Animal Services or by mail.

Campbell County dog licenses aren’t due for renewal until later this year as their license period runs from July 1 through June 30. You can purchase a new license  starting June 1.

While it may be a slight inconvenience to renew your dog’s license each year, the benefits are exponential. Not only do funds from the sales of licenses provide county animal services, you may also have a better chance of recovering your dog if  he or she gets loose while wearing  their dog tag. If you find a dog without their human and they are wearing their dog tag, the tag is a way of matching them with their owner. In Hamilton County  you can even look up an owner online with a dog license search  in the Hamilton County Auditor’s  online database (you have to have the dog license number.) 

So, make sure your dog stays street legal (even if they never leave your yard) and purchase or renew their dog license.

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