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How many times have you thought, I wish bathing my dog could be easier? Why mess up your own tub or shower when you can have a dedicated wash station for your pet? Here are some items to think about when considering installing a dog wash station: location, type, and size. 

To help prevent your clean carpet from getting dirty and muddy from your best friend’s muddy paws, convert your mud room into a dog washing station. The best thing  is, these usually already has a sink installed. Another option which is normally installed while building a home is using a corner of the garage for the wash station. 

There are two type of wash stations, just like we already have in our homes, a shower or tub. You’ll want to consider the size of your pet for the type of wash station.

Photo of laundry room dog washing station by Sebring Design Build.

I’d recommend for larger dogs to use the shower type and for smaller dogs for the tub type. The shower type is one that your pet can walk directly into, without you having to pick your pet up and placing them into the station. As shown in the above photo by Sebring Design Build, they created space in the laundry room, which included storage shelves and also created a little dog house for their pet to relax in after being washed. Also, to have fun with the tile layout, they used paw prints on the floor of the shower. What a great idea!

Here is another example from Sebring Design Build showcasing their version of a tub style dog wash station.

The tub style is counter height allowing you to clean your smaller pets more easily without hurting your back or knees from bending over. With this style you can use the space under the washing station for additional storage for cleaning supplies, towels, etc. 

In both styles they used a clean, sleek, tile designed for easy cleaning afterwards. As far as what you’ll need for the washing station, a long handheld shower head or sprayer and a water drain (I recommend a 3″ drain over the normal 1-1/2″-2″ drain, as well as having a hair filter over the drain.)

Whichever style you go with, have fun with it and make it useful! Your dog will love his own washing station and you’ll keep your carpets clean!

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