Amazon Prime Day Finds for Pets

Some of the best deals on products we love

Today is the start of early access to Amazon Prime Day deals and we have a few great finds we think our readers might like. As an Amazon affiliate, we may earn a small commission from any purchases made using our links; these funds are used to help keep CincyPet running.

Deals for Dogs

Whether you know what breed your dog is or have no clue, we recommend the Embark Dog DNA Test Breed & Health Kit. In addition to getting a clearer picture of what breeds make up your dog, you also get actionable health insights on more than 215 health risks your pup may be susceptible to. In addition to learning breed and health information, Embark will also discover other dogs that are closely related so your dog can make some new best friends.

If you’ve headed back to the office or just want to know what your dog is up to while you’re away from home, then we suggest the Furbo 360° Dog Camera. This camera features a rotating 360° view wide-angle camera with treat tossing, color night vision, two-way audio, and more.

Minties are breath-freshening treats that dogs love. They contain no wheat, corn, or soy. These treats are definitely minty fresh with five breath fresheners: alfalfa, parsley, fennel, dill, and peppermint. These are great to add to your dog’s oral health routine. Available in tiny/small for dogs under 40 pounds and in medium/large for dogs over 40 pounds.

Deals for Cats

Cleaning the cat box is a task no one likes, but it’s a task that needs to be done. Make it easy for everyone with the CATLINK self-cleaning automatic litter box. The robot action of the automatic leaner separates pet waste from the clean litter after every use. You’ll love the ease of use and your cat will love having a clean box every time.

If your cat loves to play, then this automatic rotating butterfly and ball toy is perfect. Turn it on so the butterfly automatically rotates and drives your cat wild. This toy comes with an extra butterfly. and two balls for the track.

Make sure your cat stays hydrated with this stainless steel cat water fountain that keeps the water flowing. With its ultra-quiet pump, you won’t know that it is running. This 360° water fountain allows access to the water even if the electricity goes out. It features dishwasher-safe stainless steel, includes 3 carbon filters, and a pre-foam filter to catch stray hair and debris. Its easy-to-clean design will make you wonder why you didn’t get one sooner.

These are just a few of the Amazon Prime Days deals for pets. Check Amazon often as they add items frequently as other deals sell out. And if you’re not an Amazon Prime member, sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime video where you can watch such movies as Dog with Channing Tatum and the animated Cats movie (no, not the Broadway cats.) You’ll get immediate access to all the Amazon Prime Day deals even with your free trial membership.

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