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Ricky the Pug’s Visit With Santa

Twas the night before Christmas, that’s Christmas Eve,
Not a creature was stirring, not even me.
The stockings were hung, but not by the chimney with care;
For in our living room there is no chimney there!

All the furbabies were nestled in their beds so snug;
While visions of Beggin’ Strips danced for this pug.
My mama was sleeping and so was I;
When I started to stir, I’m not sure why.

From the kitchen there arose such a great clatter,
I wobbled through the living room to see what was the matter.
Away to the noises I shuffled my feet,
Hoping that there would be something to eat.

The house was so warm I wanted to go back to bed;
But alas I couldn’t get the idea of food out of my head.
When what to my bulging eyes did appear;
But a jolly ole Santa with a look of fear.

I snorted and smiled, and that gave him peace;
Then he shook as he stumbled for I got too close to his feet.
I looked up at him from below,
He was dressed all in red from head toe;

His cheeks were so rosy, his nose so cherry;
His face was kind, albeit a bit hairy.
He smiled down at me his eyes a twinkle,
“Oh wow” here I am with Kris Kringle.

He stood tall and round with a big, big belly,
It shook when he laughed, reminding me of jelly.
Then it quickly occurred to me;
I was standing there so hungry.

“Ho ho, hello Ricky the pug,” he finally said,
“I’m so happy to see you.” And he patted my head.
“You’ve been a good boy this year for sure,
I brought you some treats, better than those in the store.”

He scooped me up and gave me a hug;
Oh oh, I was the happiest little pug.
He gave me some treats so so yummy,
Then he leaned over and tickled me on my tummy.

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It was the greatest of times I was so pleased;
A hug from Santa, boy can he squeeze.
We made our way to the living room to a comfy chair,
I couldn’t believe it. Santa was visiting and I was there.

As he rested and ate his cookies, I sat on his lap,
It seemed to me a good time for a nap;
Before I knew it I was fast asleep,
Santa was kind, his promise he did keep.

For when I awoke the next morning there were treats,
And a stylish collar with a brand new leash.
I enjoyed the day with my mama;
It was easy going, and Bo caused no drama.

I spoke not a word about the night before,
But was it a dream?, I’m still not sure.
What a wild time, such a fun night;
Not sure if I’ll ever believe the sight.

But even better than being with Santa Clause,
My mama held me tight, giving me pause;
The best thing about Christmas isn’t stuff or a jolly St. Nick,
It’s time spent with family and having their faces to lick.

Ricky the Pug lives in Bethel with his loving family. He’s a professional snorter and spends most days snoozing nearby his mama.

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