Senior Living with Ricky the Pug

Ricky the Pug lives in Bethel with his loving family. He’s a professional snorter and spends most days snoozing nearby his mama.

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Life and Death

Earlier this week my mama saw a post on the Facebook and was sad. Her friend’s pug died suddenly. Leaving my mama’s friend and her family heartbroken. In my 72 pug years, I’ve heard a lot about crossing what is called The Rainbow Bridge. At some point in our lives, all of us pets cross the bridge into heaven. It’s always sad. I’ve lost a few of my friends over the years to the bridge. I miss them. It’s a beautiful place though, with a gorgeous field to run, toys to squeak and ehem, what I’m looking forward to the

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Nice to Meet You

My name is Ricky and I’m 14 years old, that’s 72 in pug years. You see, I’m an old pug. My mama calls me an antique because I’m so valuable. You see, I’m a pug, and we are very special creatures, at least that’s what my mama tells me. Pugs snort to say “I love you” and we make other beautiful sounds just for our mamas. We’re mostly fat and smooshy. Very adorable. We also emit magical sparkles everywhere we sit and each time our mamas pet us.  My family and I live in a small country-like town just outside

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