Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

My mama is a writer too. I actually taught her everything she knows about prose. If you buy that, then I’ll sell a piece of my ocean front property in Cincinnati. 

Anywho, my mama recently wrote an article for CincyPet Magazine. She wrote about two pug rescues, something near and dear to my little pug heart. I get to read all my mama’s stories before she sends them off to her editors. This one was especially great.

One of the ladies my mama interviewed with Ohio Pug Rescue… her name is Terri Wolf (ha, no pun intended)…who said something in the interview that really resonated with me.

Wolf (hehehe SNORT; it cracks me up every time) was talking about what she enjoys about rescue. She said she likes that she’s not just helping pugs but their people.

“When someone has to give up their pug, it’s because something has changed in their life that they can’t control,” she told my mama. “We are there to help them find their pug a loving place to stay until they can get a new loving home.”

Often others look down on those who surrender their pet. Sometimes it’s for negligent reasons, but many times it’s for reasons beyond their control. That was the situation for the lady who I lived with before my mama adopted me.

It’s important to always give others the benefit of the doubt. Especially in these difficult times of that thing my mama calls the pandemic. I don’t really know what that is or what it means, but I do know it’s upset many people and caused a lot of devastation. 

When things like that happen, it’s best to stick together. To be kind, understanding and loving – whether that’s to a pug or a fellow human being.

All My Snorts,


Ricky the Pug lives in Bethel with his loving family. He’s a professional snorter and spends most days snoozing nearby his mama.

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