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Full-time dog mom and traveler, Shae Pepper is on a 5 year, 50 state road trip with her husband, Stephen Pepper and their dog, Truffles. You can follow their adventures on their website, No Home Just Roam. Besides exploring the states by day, Shae writes children’s stories, teaches online and practices her pet and travel photography. She is the curator for Truffles Instagram and Facebook pages although Truffles really runs the show. Cincy holds a special place in her heart. She visits Cincinnati almost yearly to see her friends who live locally with their dogs AND to get her Skyline Chili and Graeter’s Ice Cream fixes.

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Flying with Fido

Recent policy changes by many major airlines might impact you and your pooch’s travel plans. Travel advisor Lisa Taub with True Direction Travel has all the details.

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Staycation: Glenwood Gardens

Your travel correspawndent, Truffles, found herself in Cincinnati again this summer. She was sheltering in place for five weeks and took in a few social distancing sites while she was in town. One park that she loved was Glenwood Gardens. You’ll love it too—especially if you come across (or bring your own) large butterfly wings like I did! Glenwood Gardens is part of the Great Parks of Hamilton County network. There’s ample parking and it’s dog-friendly outside. We visited in early July 2020 so there were social distancing protocols in place in the gift shop and  parts of the park

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Summer Travel Tips

Going on a road trip with your pets is still possible in the era of the pandemic. Here are our tips do to that safely. After more than two months of social distancing and quarantine we’re all getting a bit of cabin fever. Maybe you’re dreaming of a getaway. Maybe you’re interested in doing more than dreaming. With flights mostly grounded you might be thinking of a road trip with your dog. I’m here to give you tips based on our experience—we travel full-time and are staying on top of all travel regulations and restrictions. Whether you camp or stay

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