Lily Mae: Save the Animals Foundation

Meet Lilly Mae, a 5-year-old boxer mix available for adoption with Save the Animals Foundation. Her estimated birth date is in 2015.
A lovely boxer mix with ice-blue eyes, Lilly Mae is 41 pounds and around five years old. She looks much younger, but has had puppies in her lifetime. She was one of five dogs taken to the pound because of barking complaints by neighbors. She is quite pleased to be in a safe, warm run with a cozy bed and many volunteers with which to snuggle. She is an expert cuddler! Please check back for more info as we get to know her better.
If you are interested in more information about Lily Mae or in adopting her, email STAF at adoptadog@staf.org. In the meantime, visit www.STAF.org for a downloadable application and additional information on the adoption process.

If you are an area rescue and have adoptable pets in need of some extra attention, please send us an email with bio info and pictures. If your adoptable pet needs pictures, we can arrange to take some. You can send an email to rescue [at] cincypet.com.

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