Purrfect Day Cafe Covington to host “Kitten Shower”

Cat cafe officially kicks off "kitten season" with event

Purrfect Day Cafe, in partnership with Cincinnati Animal CARE, PAWS Humane of Dearborn County, and Kenton County Animal Services, is kicking off “Kitten Season” in the Tri-State with a Kitten Shower, Sunday May 15 from 2:00-5:00 PM. When the weather warms up, so do intakes in our local county shelters, which are expecting thousands of kittens to come through their doors between now and October. 

“Soon Purrfect Day will be switching over from adult kitties to kittens, where our goal is to be matchmakers for kittens from our supporting shelters. We call kitten season the time ‘we don’t like to love’ because while the kittens are so cute, it’s also an important reminder to have your pets spayed or neutered,” said Chuck Patton, owner and Purrprietor of Purrfect Day. “Our goal is getting kitties adopted but we are also here to be a resource for our shelter partners, so we’ll be accepting funds and resources as well to help with this difficult time.” 

“Purrfect Day has been such a tremendous asset for the cats and kittens of Cincinnati,” said Ray Anderson, Community Engagement Manager for Cincinnati Animal CARE, Hamilton County’s sole county animal shelter. “While we’ve seen huge upticks in lost animals finding their way to the shelter, our cat population has remained under control thanks in part to the team at Purrfect Day. We’re very grateful and lucky to have such a fun place for our cats and kittens to live while they wait for their new home!” 

“The support we receive from the community is vital to our mission to be a support to our community. More resources means we can increase our reach and impact in Southern Indiana,” said Brenda Weigel, Shelter Director at PAWS Dearborn. 

Shelters are in need of supplies during this time as well. Kitten Shower attendees are encouraged to bring wet cat/kitten food, toys, litter, and kitten formula. These supplies will be donated to shelter partners at the conclusion of the event.

Purrfect Day Cafe is located at 25 West 8th Street in Covington.

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