Purrfect Day Cafe Hits Adoption Milestone

1,000th cat adopted since the cafe opened

Covington’s Purrfect Day Cafe celebrated their 1,000th cat adoption with a Happy Meowr. Adopter Shelly Koch was on-hand, along with her newly adopted cat Sophie (known as Rosie at the cafe.) Koch, a resident of Crestview Hills, recently lost her 17-1/2-year-old cat, Isabelle, whom she’d had since July 2004 when Isabelle was just a kitten. Devastated by her unexpected loss—Isabelle had declined very quickly—and in need of some cheering up, Koch’s sister and niece suggested a visit to the cat cafe for some kitty therapy. Koch had never heard of the cat cafe but decided to visit the furry therapists residing at the cafe.

Shelly Koch with Sophie during Purrfect Day Cafe’s Happy Meowr celebration.

While Koch only visited the cafe with the intention of spending some time with cats to soothe her aching heart, her sister and niece had other ideas. Very soon after arriving at the cafe, Koch’s sister drew her attention to Rosie, a small, sweet, calico cat around six months old. Her sister urged her to consider adopting her but Koch was hesitant to do so as feelings of guilt over “replacing” Isabelle plagued her. But Koch couldn’t get Rosie out of her mind and—after thinking it over for about a day—decided to go for it and adopt her.

Sophie, Purrfect Day Cafe’s 1,000th adoption.

Renamed Sophie, she and Koch quickly bonded. Sophie is now living the luxurious life of a domestic cat in her forever home. She has a cat tower in Koch’s office, where she loves to sit and watch the birds, as well as a plethora of toys. Sophie also loves to snuggle and, according to Koch, is a “purr box.”

With their 1,000th adoption under their belt, Purrfect Day Cafe becomes one of the leading adoption cat cafes in the country. Owner Chuck Patton says they are on track to adopt out 1,000-1,2000 cats this year, which would make them the cat cafe with the second most adoptions in the country falling only behind their Louisville location. Currently, there are more than 100 cat cafes in the United States.

Purrfect Day Cafe “Purrprietor” Chuck Patton celebrates the cafe’s 1,000th adoption with Kenton County Animal Shelter Director Kasey Maccombs (L) and Jess Grimes, Intake to Placement Manager for Cincinnati Animal CARE (R).

Purrfect Day Cafe opened in November 2020, so reaching 1,000 adoptions in just under 16 months and in the middle of a global pandemic is no easy feat. When the cafe first opened, they partnered with just Kenton County Animal Shelter for their supply of adoptable cats, but have since expanded to additional rescue partners, which include Cincinnati Animal CARE Humane Society and P.A.W.S. of Dearborn County in Indiana. “Purrprietor” Patton is proud of the cafe’s partnership with the three organizations as cats from the entire Tri-State area are being helped to find homes through the cafe. The cafe has donated around $11,000 to its three partner organizations and expects that number to double before the end of the year. Patton says he’s in it for the adoptions and positively impacting the numbers of homeless cats and kittens in the Tri-State region, “The impact of this partnership on homeless cats and kittens have been both humbling and astounding. This partnership is truly about saving lives, especially considering the negative impact Covid has made on county shelters.”

Purrfect Day Cafe is Northern Kentucky’s first cat cafe. Located at 25 West 8th Street in Covington KY, the café provides cat adoptions six days a week along with coffees, cocktails, pastries, and snacks. It has become a “must-see” destination, not only for local animal lovers but visitors from across the country.

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