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Jenna is a senior chihuahua/terrier mix available for adoption with Cincinnati Animal CARE in Northside. She is estimated to be around 14 years old.

After a few days of rest, a few good meals, and what seems like a gallon of peanut butter, this spry gal has a new lease on life! She’s up and down the stairs multiple times an hour looking for treats and cuddles (but mostly treats), alert to all the goings-on of her foster dog brother and sister, and insists on sniffing every patch of grass on the block. She’s not going to win any dog races, but this girl gets around very well. With lots of bathroom breaks, she does just fine inside. She sleeps through the night in her crate and curled up next to you on a blanket during the day. She is happy to coexist with other dogs (even big ones), as long as they can be respectful of her space. And defying all stereotypes, this petite chihuahua mix is as quiet as they come. Her fosters have never even heard her bark! If you’re looking for a perky old gal who will appreciate every walk, every last bit of kibble, and every snuggle, then Jenna is the dog for you!

Jenna is currently living in a foster home, so contact Cincinnati Animal CARE to set up a meeting with Jenna. You can arrange a meeting by calling 513.541.PETS (7387).

The fee to adopt adult dogs (6 months and older) is $75. Dogs adopted from Cincinnati Animal CARE have the following included with their adoption fee: age appropriate vaccines (bordatella, distempter, parvo, and rabies); heartworm test and deworming; preventative care (heartworm, flea and tick); a microchip; and a Hamilton County dog license.

Cincinnati Animal CARE Human Society is the county animal shelter responsible for taking in stray animals in Hamilton County. Cincinnati Animal CARE is committed to the nation-wide no-kill movement. Since taking over the shelter in August 2020, they have maintained a live release for dogs over 97% and for cats over 91%.

If you are an area rescue and have adoptable pets in need of some extra attention, please send us an email with bio info and pictures. If your adoptable pet needs pictures, we can arrange to take some. You can send an email to rescue [at] cincypet.com.

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