A Purrfect Place to Hang Out

Purffect Day Cafe in Covington

Just off Madison Avenue in Covington you’ll find a new spot to grab a drink, check your email, or pet an adoptable cat. Opening last November, Purrfect Day Café is Northern Kentucky’s first cat café.

Capitalizing on the trend of purpose driven businesses or businesses with a cause, owner Chuck Patton, a Northern Kentucky native, opened his first cat café in Louisville to resounding success.

Since the Louisville location opened its doors on August 8, 2018, it ahas adopted out more than 4,200 adult cats and kittens. According to Patton, that is the most of any cat café in the country.

Kitty Playground

The kitty lounge at the cafe is a giant playroom filled with furry rugs, blankets, and pillows, scratching posts, toys, and perches. The focal point of the room’s colorful decor is a wall mural of the Roebling Suspension Bridge and buildings combining the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky skylines.

The cat room houses either all adult cats or all kittens at a time, as both groups have different needs. New cats are brought in as other cats are adopted.

The cat room is separated from the bar side of the cafe with a glass door and large windows along one wall. It has a completely separate ventilation system from the rest of the cafe in order to prevent any cross-contamination or odors seeping into the bar area..

The bar features plush velvet seating, high tops, and a workstation bar facing into the cat room

Food & Drink

The bar features plush velvet seating, high tops, and a workstation bar facing into the cat room.

A large chalkboard menu highlights available items from “Paw-stries” and “Purr-etzels” to “Kitt-teas” and “Paw-fee.” Unlike the Tri-State’s other cat cafe, Kitty Brew Cafe in Mason, Purrfect Day Cafe also serves alcohol or “Meow-cohol” from their signature drink, a Meowmosa, to wine, beer, and “Purrbon.”

You can also purchase Purrfect Day Cafe swag in their gift shop with t-shirts and hats printed with the cafe’s winking cat logo.

Visiting the Cat Room

Reservations are required to visit the kitty lounge and can be booked online at the cafe’s website (purrfectdaycafecovington.com). Reservations are $15 per person and are 50 minutes. The kitty lounge can also be reserved for private events.

All cats in the kitty lounge are available for adoption and applications will be reviewed by the cafe’s adoption counselors. Adoptions are through Kenton County Animal Services and all adoptions, regardless of age, are $120 + tax.

Cats and kittens are spayed/neutered, up-to-date on vaccines and preventatives, microchipped, and come with 30 days free of pet insurance.

Kittens under four months old will come with a voucher for their rabies vaccine redeemable at Kenton County Animal Services.

Adoption Success!

Since opening its doors this past November, the Covington location has adopted out more than 200 cats and kittens. 

Purrfect Day Cafe Covington is located at 25 West 8th Street in the 8th Street Commons just behind Braxton Brewery. They are open Tuesdays-Fridays from NOON until 8:00 p.m.; Saturdays-Sundays from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Note that Friday and Saturday nights after 6:00 p.m. are for ages 18 and up only.

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