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Coco: Clermont Animal CARE Humane Society

Coco is a purring powerhouse! She is definitely a lap cat, but also a shelf, desk, laptop, bed, floor and anywhere else she can get your attention cat! She needs to be the boss, so no other cats in her house please. She loves dry food only—and plenty of treats! (She’s a bit of a junk food junkie.) She is affectionate, playful, and helpful…if you want emails sent from her laying on your computer.  Coco’s foster mom says “Every morning she greets me with kisses. She sits in my lap while I take conference calls.” Coco is very playful. Toy

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Jerry & Ron: Stray Animal Adoption Program

Kittens, kittens, and more kittens! Stray Animal Adoption Program has quite a few kittens available for adoption at this time, but here are two of their adoptable cuties, Jerry Gergich and Ron Swanson. Jerry Gergich: Meet Jerry Gergich, a cute little kitten who is absolutely adorable.  Jerry is doing a great job using his litter box.  He loves playing with his fellow kitty and following him around.  Jerry has had exposure to dogs and did well.  Jerry thinks that he is a flying squirrel and loves jumping through the air.  Who is to say that he is wrong!!! Jerry would

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Marlon: Ohio Alleycat Resource

Would you rather be the little spoon or the big spoon? Marlon is happy to be either! He’s just the perfect package overall–handsome, friendly, snuggly, and even has a wild side! String toys are his all-time favorite, and Marlon loves to play when he isn’t busy giving you all the snuggles. His foster shared that Marlon would carry his toys around to make toy piles so he could easily keep tabs on them all and loved to show off his work after! He even found a unique sleeping spot on a high shelf that earned him his reputation as a

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Sofia: Save Our Shelter Dogs Rescue

Sofia is a gorgeous and friendly tabby cat around 2-3 years old. She was found abandoned in the rain right before Thanksgiving 2019. A good Samaritan took her in and tried to find her family. Sadly, after being posted in a neighborhood group, the owner said they didn’t want her and to just put her back outside. Fortunately, for Sofia, the good Samaritan didn’t do that and that’s how Sofia ended up with a (primarily) dog rescue, Save Our Shelter Dogs Rescue. Sofia is a healthy and happy kitty who loves to play and get attention. She is fully  vaccinated,

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