Summer Pet Safety

Tips and products for keeping your pets safe and cool in hot weather

Summertime is one of the best seasons for pets and their people, whether you’re dining with them on the patio, taking them for a swim or enjoying some time in the park. But hot temperatures can also pose a danger to dogs and cats, who can suffer serious consequences if proper precautions are not taken.

Hot Car Safety

It takes only six minutes for a dog to dies in a hot car. Did you know that even when it’s 75 degrees outside it’s too hot to leave your dog or cat in your car? Temperatures can rise quickly in a vehicle and even leaving the window cracked or parking in a shaded area is not enough. Temperatures can rise within just a few minutes causing your companion to ultimately suffer heatstroke and death. Because dogs don’t sweat the hotter they get the more their body’s internal functions start to break-down. If their core temperature reaches over 107° (dogs) and 105° (cats) their circulation will fail leading to kidney failure,internal bleeding, and brain damage, so even if they are able to have the physical symptoms reversed the cognitive damage maybe irreparable.

Another risks to pets is hot pavement, which quickly absorbs heat and can easily climb to temperatures over 100 degrees. As a general rule, if pavement is too hot for you to comfortably walk barefoot or hold the back of your hand to it for more than a few seconds, it’s too hot for your pet, whose paw pads can quickly suffer painful and debilitating burns.

Here are a few products and tips to keep your pet cool all summer long.

Musher’s Secret

Otherwise known as invisible boots, Musher’s Secret is a 100 percent natural wax that creates a breathable barrier between pavement and paws. Originally developed in Canada to protect sled dogs from icy terrain, this product is now used year-round to keep pets safe from snow,ice, salt, and hot pavement. It also soothes and conditions dry and cracked pads.Apply a thin layer to paws before going outside; it will not come off and flooring and does not need to be removed after use.

Sport Pawks Dog Socks

Armed with rubber grips and available in a variety of colors, Sport Pawks by RC Pets provide both traction and protection for paws. In addition to protecting against hot pavement, these lil’ socks are also effective in helping dogs navigate cold and icy surfaces or older dogs maintain a better grip on hardwood floors.

PAWZ Rubber Dog Boots

These rubber dog boots, reminiscent of balloons, are disposable, reusable and waterproof. Free of zippers or straps, PAWZ go on easily and fit securely on your pet’s feet. They can also be used to protect against things like lawn chemicals, pesticides and allergens.

The Green Pet Shop Self-Cooling Pet Pad

Available in sizes small through extra-large, these pressure-activated pads begin cooling your pet off as soon as they take a seat. They contain a non-toxic gel designed to absorb body heat and reduce body temperature. They are easy to wipe clean and fit most standard-size crate


This stylish eyewear for your dogs not only provides protection from grit and other debris getting into their eyes, but also provides protection from those nasty UV rays. Doggles provide 100% UV protection, are anti-fog, and their polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof. Doggles also feature a flexible rubber frame, as well as adjustable head and chin straps. The eye cups are extra deep to keep the lenses from coming in contact with your dog’s eyes.

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