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Helping Pets and People Reduce Pain and Anxiety with Tulip Tree CBD

Jeri Schulz MSN, RN, founder and CEO of Tulip Tree CBD is a registered nurse with decades of experience in patient care and clinical administration. Schulz is a lifelong pet lover and when she was younger aspired to be a vet. Schulz has clinical expertise managing cardiovascular services, intensive care units, Chicago area inpatient hospice providers and critical care and telemetry units. She also served on the nursing faculty of several Chicago-area colleges and universities where she inspired student nurses with her love of nursing and with the strong work ethic that has served her throughout her career. She is

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Feline Declawing: 5 Reasons to Let Your Cat Keep Her Claws

Should I Declaw My Cat? The short answer is: No. Declawing of cats is a popular procedure performed in many American veterinary hospitals. Declawing a cat involves removing a cat’s claws so that he or she can no longer scratch people, other pets, or valuable household items (such as furniture). Although once extremely common and widely acceptable in the United States, this procedure is now banned in many countries and is becoming less favorable in the eyes of veterinarians, animal welfare groups, and the general public.  Many veterinarians have started to view the declawing procedure (or onychectomy) as an archaic

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Meet Dr. Katie Hogan

CincyPet Magazine is pleased to welcome Dr. Katie Hogan as a contributor. She will be writing a regular column for our website and will also answer reader questions. Dr. Katie Hogan is a full-time veterinarian at Grady Veterinary Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. She works with dogs, cats, and exotic companion animals and is dedicated to furthering the human-animal bond. In her free time, she creates online content for her blog,, which is dedicated to helping pets, pet parents, and veterinarians live the best lives imaginable. Dr. Katie is originally from Frankfort, Kentucky. She went to Murray State University for

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