The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Hotel Life in COVID-19 when Traveling with Your Pet

We like to work Truffles' mind by making finding her ball even harder

by Shae Pepper, Travel Columnist

When you travel full-time, but the whole world is on lockdown, you find out really quickly what is the good, the bad and the ugly of hotel life. We travel full-time with our dog, Truffles, so we have a lot to consider when trying to find somewhere to quarantine for weeks at a time. 

We’ve all made huge changes to our lifestyle right now (Truffles included) because the way we were traveling before wouldn’t be responsible in this current climate. We usually move every 5-7 days, see museums, hike on trails, and eat out…a lot. But, all of that has changed. 

We chose a suite-style, extended-stay, hotel for our first long stay. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of staying in one hotel for three weeks with your pet in the time of COVID-19. 

Truffles has tried on a variety of mask options for safe quarantine protocol

The Good

3. By choosing an extended-stay hotel instead of a traditional room Truffles has a lot more space to play than in an average hotel room.

2. There is less housekeeping in the hallway so there is much less barking in our room, which we are grateful for.

1. UNLIMITED TOILET PAPER!! (This has nothing to do with having a pet but it’s sure taken some of the stress out of this during this time.)

Truffles is ensuring social distancing from every possible angle

The Bad

3. We have to be extra diligent to wash our hands every single time we leave the room—which is more often than most staying at home—strangers are frquently touching the doors, and we have to take Truffles out to go potty.

2. The state parks in NM (where we chose to stay) are all closed so there is no hiking to be had on empty trails.

1. No yard, or even close local parks, so we have to go out to exercise Truffles at the local dog park. 

Practicing social distancing from her furiend, Harley and his mom at the dog park

The Ugly

3. The stress of hoping she won’t need a vet in an emergency since many are closed or she’d have to go in alone. (She’s fit and healthy so this isn’t our top concern right now.)

2. She loves people and struggles to socially distance (she gets that from me). 

1. We can never exercise her enough. We can’t go hiking, we only have so much room to play ball, we take the same routes on walks so the sniffs are all the same—in short, Truffles is bored and her excess energy can be frustrating when it channels into extra barking.

We like to work Truffles’ mind by making finding her ball even harder

Next week we are moving to an Airbnb in Colorado for a month. We will have even more space, a yard of sorts, and the state parks are still open so as long as the trails are empty so we can appropriately social distance, we plan to head out to exercise Truffles there.

What are your top concerns for your pet during COVID-19? Do you have any questions for your travel expawt- Truffles? Comment below.

Full-time dog mom and traveler, Shae Pepper is on a 5 year, 50 state road trip with her husband, Stephen Pepper and their dog, Truffles. You can follow their adventures on their website, No Home Just Roam

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